Planning a special event or meeting?  Please consider the following information before planning an activity on behalf of a Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church ministry, organization, department or for an outside business/entity.  Review the Ten Steps to a Successful Meeting or Event and determine whether your function is a meeting, special event or athletic event and whether there will be ticket sales and submit the proper forms.  And, to properly promote your event on campus, please review the Communication Policy & Procedures as well as other appropriate guidelines/policy & procedures.  If you have questions about the planning process, contact the Life Center Office at 321-773-2783.
PLEASE NOTE: If you'd like to publicize your event in the Atrium after weekend Masses you can request an Atrium Table by using the Atrium Table Request form.


Meetings are gatherings of people that DO NOT require assistance from another department or vendor (such as maintenance, catering, food service, audio/visual support, etc.).  

A Special Event is a gathering that DOES require assistance from another department or vendor (i.e., you need extra tables or trash cans, or you are ordering food etc.). Any gathering taking place in the Life Center Hall will be considered a special event. Determine whether you will also use the cafeteria for any potential overflow. 

If you are selling tickets, please review the Ticket Sales & Safe Guidelines. 


 The Athletic Center and related rooms can be reserved for use but it is not open to the public, except as expressly provided in the Athletic Center & Annex Rooms Policy & Procedures.